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Make Balmain Fun Again!

VOTE 1 Jack Robertson for Council on 4 December

Welcome, and thanks for showing an interest. Here you'll find info about me, this campaign, my views on ward issues and the various videos I've done.  

With pre-poll voting now underway (available for us all this time!), check out my Facebook page for a daily update.    


Why am I standing as an Independent?

Too much party politicking. Too much grandstanding. Too much arguing. And far too much nasty personal feuding.  Whatever the reasons and whoever is to blame, our current three councillors cannot work effectively together.

It means not enough focus on local services, infrastructure and issues. Not enough engaged and available community leadership. Not enough vision and determination to secure our kids' futures.  Not enough old school Balmain fun. 

Definitely not enough fun. 

I'd like to try to do something about it.